Largo Schuster 1, Milano

Corporate criminal law

Studio Legale Marini specialises in business criminal law (including white-collar criminal law and corporate criminal law, bankruptcy and financial criminal law).

The firm’s thorough understanding of criminal, substantive and procedural law, as well as a multi-disciplinary and integrated vision with civil, commercial and bankruptcy law, allows the law firm to provide its clients with complete support, ideal not only for dealing with every stage of the criminal procedure, but also as a preventative measure, so as to avoid or mitigate the risk of a criminal procedure being established.

The firm draws on the expertise of a team of high-profile consultants so as to provide complete, thorough assistance, also regarding corporate and bankruptcy law, essential for tackling complex issues. The firm carries out in-depth study of bankruptcy crimes also during conventions, meetings at the firm and in publications; these may be consulted in the press area.